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“Tired of Being Denied Access To Country Restricted Content?”

Have you ever tried watching streamed video online, listen to live sports broadcasts, or tried entering a gaming site or even tried viewing a YouTube video; only to be presented with a message saying that access is not available in your region or viewing is restricted to residents outside this country? – as in the example below where a restricted viewing notification is presented by the BBC in the UK for overseas online visitors

You can see this yourself by trying to watch the show below on and if you will see that if you are located out the USA you will be refused viewing.

And if your location is within the US you can try to watch a show or films from the popular Canadian entertainment site CBC or even the BBC channels in the UK at and you will see that you’re are unable to view these shows, music and films…


Try watching this episode of Law And Order below. And if you are located outside the United States you will discover that your are unable to watch it.

Why Do Countries Put Viewing/Access Restrictions To Non-Residents?

It happens because viewing content or participating on certain sites such as TV channels, film sites, gaming sites, gambling sites, or some YouTube content, etc. is often restricted to the residents of the country it is located in for reasons of broadcast licensing or other country regulations.

 How Do Web Sites Know Where You Are Located?

 Every time we go onto the Internet we are given an IP address which is a identity number given by our Internet service providers and this IP address number shows from which country we are accessing the Internet.

To illustrate the above, we can see your details below


  • IP:

Country Name:



Bypass Country IP Address Restrictions Using HMA VPN

The good news is that you can bypass these country IP address restrictions by getting the appropriate country IP address for the country of the site you are trying to view or access and the Hide-My-Ass, otherswise know as HMA VPN,  does exactly this for you, it will hide your true country IP address and give you a new country IP address and it works on all the main operating systems. And to see how this remarkable software works, please see our video demonstration below



How Does The HMA VPN Change Your Country IP?

The HMA VPN software will create a secure link from you MAC Computer, Windows Computer, Linux Computer, iPad, Android Phone or iPhone to the country server that you chose to get the country IP address from. Once you have connected to your chosen country server, it will give you the appropriate IP address for the country, which means of course that all sites will see you as accessing the Internet from the country you chose. Not only that, the HMA VPN link is encrypted which means all your data is also encrypted so the third parties such as you Internet Service Provider cannot see the information of what you are uploading, downloading, accessing or even viewing.

For example: if I am located in Sweden and I try to watch the online BBC TV channel in the UK, which is restricted for UK residents only, I will be refused viewing because the BBC will detect that I have a Swedish IP address that means to the BBC that am not located in the UK.

Video Demonstrating The HMA VPN in Action

YouTube Preview Image

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Why Choose The HMA VPN Country IP Changing Solution?

There are many country IP changing solutions available online which we have performance tested on our Country IP Changing Solution Review Site found at the following link; – and in our opinion the HMA VPN solution is the winner and best all-round IP changing solution available for the following reasons:

It works on all the main operating systems – MAC, iPad, Windows, Linux, iPhone and Android phones.
Ideal for travelling – you can access and view country IP restricted sites from everywhere using smart phones.
It works on all the main operating systems – MAC, iPad, Windows, Linux, iPhone and Android phones.
Watch your favorite programmes outside your own country – if you’re overseas on business or on holiday you can continue to watch your favorite TV channels or access you favorite sites from your own countries.
High-speed and reliable - ideal for streaming, watching live entertainment and live sports or online gaming.
Encrypted connections so third parties cannot see what you are downloading, uploading, viewing, playing or accessing.
Choose the country location – you choose from the extensive list of countries you want to get an IP address from and be located in.
Protect your identity and prevent being Hacked – by hiding your true identity online, hackers will not be able to steal your personal information.
Anonymous Web Surfing – as your true identity is hidden you can surf the web anonymously.
30-day 100% money back guarantee – if for any reason you don’t like this software within 30 days HMA will refund your money with no questions asked. So why not try it, there is nothing to lose but everything to gain – the freedom of the web.
Free Support – HMA offer free support and will try to answer any questions you may have.
Unmatchable application support – HMA VPN hides your true IP and gives you a new country IP address for all your desktop applications and clients such as Email (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.,), Skype, Instant Messengers (MSN, Yahoo, etc.), Gaming Clients, Gambling Clients, All Browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) and more…
   Easy To Use Control Panel (see below) – the HMA control panel is simple to use, just select the country that you want an IP address from and click connect.
No Limitations on Usage and bandwidth – Unlimited data transfer

The Easy-To-Use HMA VPN User Control Panel

(click on image to enlarge)














HMA VPN Has 51 Countries To Get An IP Address From

















A Few of Many  Country Resticted Sites You Can Now View With HMA VPN


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If you are a Windows user and you require a less extensive country IP changing solution just for your Windows desktop then we recommend the Easy Hide IP. It can do everything that HMA VPN country IP changing software can do except there a few countries to choose IP addresses from and this software only supports the Microsoft Windows Operating system. But otherwise it supports all browsers and encrypts your connections too. It is fast enough for streaming live entertainment, videos, films and also it is suitable for online gaming.

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