Based on Reliability And Performance Tests

Beware of IP Changing Software That Uses Proxy Servers

Based upon these tests we have concluded that Anonymous proxy server software is not reliable or fast and it should be avoided.

Instead it is a far better and the obvious choice if you want reliability, speed when accessing the Internet with a changed country IP, by using
the HMA VPN solution that uses encrypted connections to dedicated country IP servers as can be demonstrated in our performance test video below.

What Are Proxy Servers And Why Are They Not Recommended

Proxy Servers Come in 3 Different Types:-

  • Transparent Proxy Server Replaces your real IP address with one from another country’s IP address, but your true IP address is still sometimes visible to the site detection system.
  • Anonymous Proxy Server  This type gives a higher anonymity compared to a transparent proxy server. It will not show your true IP address; but, most good sites will still detect that you have accessed their site through a proxy server and will deny you access or to view material on country IP restricted content
  • Elite Proxies  Are the most secure and has the highest anonymity of the three different types of proxies. It replaces your true IP address with one from another country and it also manages to disguise itself from being detected as a proxy server. But, because they do this, they are the highly in demand by online users, as a result they become overused, slow and unreliable

All The Software Below Use Proxy Servers

  • Super Hide IP (basic version)
  • Hide My IP – the basic subscription
  • Hide IP NG
  • Auto Hide IP – same software as Super Hide IP
  • IP Privacy Tool
  • Hide The IP 2012 – all the same software as Super Hide IP
  • Hide Your IP Address
  • Free Hide IP

**Use Dedicated Server Country IP Changing Software because…

HMA VPN is a country IP changing software solutions that use dedicated secure connection servers and the following list shows why you should choose either of them depending on your needs:

  • Your data packets are encrypted so 3rd parties can’t see what you are doing on the Internet.
  • Your identity and true IP address will never be visible as proxy servers are not used.
  • Your data traffic is never logged.
  • Fast and reliable internet speeds ideal for streaming, gaming and large downloads.
  • Secure and reliable connections that very rarely disconnect.
  • Highest security.
  • Protect yourself from hackers and identity theft


Our Performance Demo For Proxy Server V A Dedicated VPN Server Solution

YouTube Preview Image


Watching Online Entertainment Video Streaming, Movies And Live Sport

Hide My Ass

For Windows Operating System

Hide My Ass

For Apple MAC Operating System

Hide My Ass

For Linux Operating System

Hide My Ass

For Android And iPhones

Hide My Ass

For Online Gaming

Hide My Ass

Hiding IP address in emmails using Webmail – Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail etc..

Hide My Ass

Hiding IP address in emails Using Desktop Email Clients – Outlook, Thunderbird etc..

Hide My Ass

Instant Messengers, Skype, Yahoo Messenger etc…

Hide My Ass

Hiding IP Address in Forums

Hide My Ass
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HMA VPN has more than 190 countries to get an IP address from. And with its hundreds of VPN servers around the world it is by far the most extensive, most reliable and probably the best VPN available.

HMA VPN has software and apps for:

  • Windows Software
  • MAC OS Software
  • Android app
  • IOS (iPhone & iPad) app

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